Saturday, 10 October 2015

The Wages Of Sin… High Court Refuses To Stop Police From Arresting Muthama Over His Charges of Incitement And Disobedience

Machakos Senator Johnstone Muthama is in big trouble following the statement he made at a public rally on September 23.
Muthama moved to court on Thursday in a bid to halt the police from arresting him over hate speech, but Justice Onguto denied the Machakos Senator his wish.
As if that’s not enough, Nairobi Chief Magistrate Daniel Ogembo issued summons today requiring Senator Johnson Muthama to answer to charges of incitement.
The office of Director of Public Prosecutions had also issued similar summons to the Machakos lawmaker.
The seasoned politician is expected in court on October 15 to plead to the charges. It will be interesting to see how the law takes its course.
Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria is the other victim who has a date with the Justice system. The MP was also caught on camera hurling words that incited violence.

Saturday, 3 October 2015

The Freshers Bash Like no other hit Rongo university (Photos)

Probably you saw this poster somewhere on social media may it  be whatsapp, twitter, facebook or any other. Or just you saw it hang somewhere in Rongo town or Kitere Market. The D-day was yestereday. the dancing fans; reggae, hiphop, blues, rnbs, and riddims were at hand to 'arrest the grass' near Migingo building  yesternight without knowing that there was flushing unforgiving cameras eying them. thank God that they tried not to do it ruthlessly and filthily.
Better late than never, the patiently awaited music system landed on the ground at almost midnight. some fans were walking in italics, I was told that they were to "wash their faces" before the dancing could begin. some  were shouting aimlessly because they were almost giving up after a long wait-after all, the night was finally made by the talented DJ and the MC till dawn. This event was curtain raised by Robby, the entertainment secretary Rongo University

You can see some photos HERE

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Uhuru Kenyatta urges unity to fight terrorism

Unity will defeat terrorism across the world, President Uhuru Kenyatta has said.
The President said the global community and individual nations m
ust remain united to confront terrorism and violent extremism.
He said even though Kenya has borne the brunt of terrorist attacks, the country has stayed emboldened against the intentions of terrorism masterminds.
He said Kenyans had demonstrated remarkable support for the fight against terrorism.
“Despite numerous attacks, the response by our people and States has been the opposite of that intended by the violent extremists. Attacks have emboldened our resolve,” said the President in a speech delivered on his behalf by Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaissery.
The CS read the speech at a leaders’ summit on countering violent extremism convened by US President Barack Obama and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.
President Kenyatta said Kenya is alive to the changing nature of the threat of terrorism and has devised better mechanisms to respond to it.
“We have reviewed our security laws, adopted a number of strategies to deal with terrorist threats and related international crimes that facilitate each other,” said the President.


Illuminati has been asecret organisation since the independence. This society was founded in abroad. This is also vivid in Kenya especially when we observe some pauses and symbols countrywide; the pic pauses for the  prominent personnel are so wanting!!
This post first appeared on Ghafla news by Cabu some years back.

Today the NewsArena is privileged to re-expose these signs and symbols broadly

Jay Z. Beyonce. Rihanna. Kesha. Kanye West. Lady Gaga. Katy Perry. All of these artists have ONE THING in common; Illuminati connections.
The Illuminati is a secret World organization famous for being a bank from which powerful people draw their wealth and power and fame.
And the MOST POPULAR Illuminati sign is "the Pyramid". Or “The Triangle”
Jay Z and a fleet of other U.S Celebrities have popularized “The Pyramid” either in their shows, concerts, interviews, music videos or everyday life.

All around the World,”The Triangle” has largely become synonymous with the Illuminati.

And even here in Kenya, Our local celebrities and powerful personalities have been secretly or OPENLY displaying “The Triangle” sign either knowingly or unknowingly. And NOT JUST people. Even local Kenyan cultures, monuments and cuisines have also been secretly featuring “The Triangle” sign without our knowledge!
Here is the EXPOSE! I,King Cabu Gah, reveal them all….ONE BY ONE!And I have clearly drawn out their secret "triangle signs" in RED. WATCH OUT!



                                                                   1. At 90 Years,Mzee Moi is firmly part of the secret society.

   2. You thought Zadock and his friends are your mums...chinekeee!!!
just observe his nose and the their social distance

                                                            3. Ezekiel Kemboi knows where to put the triangle after winning. Haha